Do you want to become a LEGO® MOVIE MAKER?
The set to create your own movie scenes from

In 2018 I joined The LEGO Movie 2 team in the design of the set 70820 LEGO Movie Maker. It’s a unique type of product offering fans the ability to build his own film studio stage to make their own movies in the universe of The LEGO Movie.

The design ambitions for this product were established beyond the traditional build and play LEGO® experience. We wanted to empower creativity by offering the children a tool that inspires storytelling, with a selection of curated digital and physical components full of personality to acts as trigger story hooks. Provided with exclusive minifigures of the main characters and small models to use them alongside the included backdrop and accessories in combination with an app to make your own shorts.

Our consumer test proved the Movie maker set had extremely good storytelling and social play values, the selection of components,  charismatic characters, cute details, and the overall set display calls kids into shared play almost immediately, triggering story creation.

The set performed really well in all the majors markets but it was on the digital space  were all the expectations were overrun by the high level of app engagement. Not only to users owning the set, but also for children owning other LEGO® sets. Data showed really outstanding levels of storytelling engagement by frequency of use, session length and number of movie submissions using content from all the LEGO® portfolio

The Movie Maker set was awarded as Hero Toy of the Year by industry experts and the British Toy & Hobby Association at the London Toy Fair 2019. The Toy Fair’s Hero Toys celebrates the most exciting and innovative products launched at the Toy Fair, all entries are judged for their innovative qualities and the benefits children get from play.

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Company. LEGO System A/S
Product: THE LEGO® MOVIE 2™ Movie Maker
Team: The LEGO® MOVIE 2 Team at LEGO Product Groups